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Modern Yard Sales: 3 Ways To Adapt The Classic Money-Making Event

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Some traditions never die, including the classic weekend yard sale. For people looking to make a little extra money, a yard sale is a great way to reach out to neighbors, clean out your home, and make a large profit over just a few days. Instead of some change and a small cash box, modern technology has dramatically changed the way these yard sales can be operated. As you plan to hold a yard sale at your home, there are three factors in providing a modern touch. You can use one or more of these features to really stand out and reach as many customers as possible.

Yard Sale Printables & Organization

Instead of just tossing items on a table, you can guide guests to different sections of a yard sale with the use of printables. A number of websites offer free printables that can help you separate items and draw customers to them. Different categories to consider are clothing, electronics, and knickknacks. Hanging the signs on different sections will give visitors an easy way to locate items they are looking for.

Organizing your yard sale can be done with the use of an app and label-maker. For example, you can print out small QR codes or scannable labels for each items. These codes can link directly to a list of your inventory. By staying organized, you can know what items sold if items are still available among everything. For example, if someone is looking for mugs, you can look through your digital inventory list to see if any mugs have been sold. Once they are sold, you can scan the item with your phone or tablet and it will be removed from the list.

Money Counters

At the end of each sale day, it's important to count money and see how much you profited. When dealing with a yard sale, this can consist of a lot of small dollar bills. The process can be done easier with the purchase of a money counter. In a matter of seconds, bills can be sorted through the money counter and added up to display a final total. At the start of each day, these counters can be used to accurately count how much starting money they have and how much is added to it by the end of the day. This allows you to accurately add up the money and ensure you are keeping tabs on profits. Along with the counter, spreadsheets can be used to keep track of totals and figure out full profits.

Money counters also feature counterfeit detectors. This allows you to quickly scan large bills and determine if they are real or not. The quick check can prevent you from getting scammed. Money counters can be used in conjunction with coin counters. Coin counters can easily add up coins and separate them into different denominations.

Card Readers & Apps

Not everyone carries cash around like they used to. For you to reach as many customers as possible, a card reader will accept both debit and credit cards. By opening up a digital account, you can accept payments and learn to save through an actual bank account. A card reader plugs into a smartphone or tablet. When someone purchases a yard sale item, the card is simply slid through the reader and the total amount is charged.

A phone or tablet can also provide additional options like email receipts. Reaching out to a lot of people is a great way to make money and learn basic business tactics.

Implementing these items one at a time will help you adapt to the new technology and improve the way your yard sales operate. The more people you have helping with the yard sale, the easier it will be to use these modern upgrades.


14 March 2016