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4 Reasons To Choose Spandex Table Covers For Outdoor Fundraising Events

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Raising money for your youth group, local charity, or other personal cause often means getting outside in front of busy retail outlets or participating in neighborhood street festivals. When you're preparing your booth or table for an outdoor event, it's worth the expense to upgrade to a higher quality tablecloth or cover. Invest in a custom-printed spandex tablecloth to take advantage of these four benefits.

Wind Resistance

Tired of weighing your table down with random items or chasing a piece of cloth flying away down the street? Spandex table covers stretch to slide under the legs or supports of your table to keep the material secure and firmly attached no matter what kind of gusts are affecting the event. On top of eliminating the hassle of grabbing your table every time a breeze blows by, a tautly stretched table cover also remains easy to spot and read at any distance without the material curling up to obscure your logo.

Storage Space

While some table covers fit equally over the front and back of your table, there are open back spandex covers available that make it easier to fit chairs and equipment in a limited space. This is essential when you're fundraising at an event where there's no storage, and you want to sell cookies, calendars, or other gifts in exchange for donations. On top of open back designs, you can also order models that zip shut to keep prying eyes off of your supplies.

Durable Printing

Spandex is a stretchy material, but it's remarkably easy to print on with the right equipment. You can choose from traditional screen printing for opaque and highly visible graphics and text, or you can go with advanced dye sublimation for an even more flexible and stretchy design. Dye sublimation is the best option for a design that covers the entire table cloth, but both printing methods are durable enough to last through dozens of uses without cracking or fading. There's no need to order new tablecloths before fundraising season every year unless spills or accidents shorten the lifespan of your equipment.

Fast Setup

When a storm rolls in unexpectedly, you may only have a few minutes to pack up your table or booth before your displays are at risk for damage from torrential rains. You'll appreciate the speed of a spandex table cover in this kind of challenging situation. Within a minute, you can unhook the spandex from the table's feet, let the stretchy material shrink on its own, and fold up the much smaller piece of fabric for packing. This kind of speed adds up when you're trying to set up or take down dozens of tables in a short period of time.

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27 April 2016