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4th Of July Parade Banners: 3 Design Tips To Really Make The Design Pop


Marching or being involved in a parade on the Fourth of July is a great tradition. As you plan your parade float or decorations, one piece that you may decide on is the parade banners. A parade banner can be displayed on a stand and is a great way to showcase the group that you're representing while displaying a patriotic message. When you're designing a banner, you want to be sure that it can be easily read by spectators and features design elements that can really shine throughout the parade. The following three design tips will help you create a banner that can be professionally printed and used in parades for multiple years.


One of the key parts of having your banner really stand out is choosing a font that represents the Fourth of July. There are dozens of free fonts online that help represent the holiday and can be used on your printed banner.

Americana: This bold and thick-lettered font allows you to select letters filled with either the stars or stripes from an American flag. Mix the letters together for various designs with the text on your banner. The base color of the font can be set to blue, red, or white to make it more patriotic.

American Donuts: If you're looking for a fun and causal font, then American Donuts is a great selection. The font features cartoon-style bubble letters and each letter has three stars positioned in it.

American Dream: Each letter on your banner can feature a full American flag design with this font. There is a border on the outside of each letter, making it easy to read the font while still showcasing the festive flag design.

Text Adjustments

Parade routes are almost constantly moving. When displaying a banner on a float or having it carried through the parade, you want the text to be easy to read and visible from a distance. Along with making the font size as large as possible, you can make a number of other text adjustments to ensure that everything is clearly seen. Adding drop shadows to the text will help it pop out from the banner. The shadow color should be in contrast to the text color. For example, if you have white letters, the drop shadow should be black. The shadow should be positioned close behind each letter so it adds that nice contrast and really helps the text stand out.

Adding strokes is another way to help the text stand out. A stroke is essentially an outline of the text. It makes each individual letter easier to read. Just like the drop shadow, a stroke should be a contrasting color to the font color. A red font would pair well with a white or yellow stroke. Play around with different stroke colors and sizes to see what makes the text look best on your banner.


Really help draw attention to your banner with a border placed on the outside. Borders can help showcase focal points and help spectators focus on the text or images in the center of the banner. One of the more obvious border choices is an American flag pattern, but there are many other options to consider for the parade. Firework border designs can add a festive border and create pops of color throughout the banner. American symbols like eagles, the Liberty bell, and the Statue of Liberty can also create fun pattern designs for the border.

You also have the option of selecting a simple solid color border. For example, if your base background is white, a solid blue border can create nice edges around the design and make the banner easier to focus on.

By making these adjustments, you can have a banner that really stands out during the parade. Having the banner professionally printed will supply you with quality materials that make it easy to carry or display on a stand during the whole parade. For more information and options, talk with a banner or sign printing company, such as Divine Signs Inc.


1 June 2016