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3 Reasons To Nix Your Printer Supply Room In Favor Of A Managed Printing Services

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Do you own an office that relies heavily on printers? Is a large part of the storage room devoted to tall stacks of printer paper and piles of ink and toner cartridges? If so, here are 3 great reasons to downsize your storage needs and opt for managed print services instead.

Workplace Theft

In a survey conducted by AOL in 2011, 43 percent of participants admitted to skimming low-cost office supplies from their workplaces. It's estimated that these small-scale office thefts cost employers tens of billions of dollars each year. If you think none of your employees would ever toss a sleeve of paper in their take-home bag because there's so much in your supply closet that nobody will notice, you're probably wrong. 

When you opt for managed printing services, you don't have to worry about keeping loads of printing supplies on hand where they can be stolen. Your printing service can use software to electronically monitor your printing needs; they'll deliver only the supplies you need, only when you need them. You won't ever run out of printer toner or paper, but you also won't have a mountain of it in your stock room taking up space and tempting sticky-fingered employees to take some home.

Planned Obsolescence

It isn't just your employers you need to worry about dipping into your profits -- you need to worry about office supply manufacturers, too. Planned obsolescence is a practice often used by manufacturers in which they deliberately shorten the lifetimes of their products. The printers you buy for your office might have tamper-proof screws holding them together and making them difficult to repair, they might be designed to deteriorate rapidly, or the manufacturer might plan on coming out with a newer, more efficient model in the near future solely for the purpose of getting you to replace your printers.

And when you have to replace your printers, you usually have to replace the type of ink cartridges or toners you use, too. If you've got a huge stack of these things in your supply room, you're looking at a lot of money in inventory being thrown in the garbage.

When you subscribe to a managed printing service, this won't happen. Since the service will be keeping track of your printing supply usage and delivering only what you need, you'll never get stuck with a bunch of obsolete products that you'll need to throw in the trash. When one of your printers goes on the fritz, the service will either repair or replace it, and they'll replace the ink cartridges and toners you have on hand, too. In most cases, you'll pay a flat or near-fixed monthly rate in exchange for continual monitoring, repair, and replacement of your printers, as well as delivery of necessary supplies. Your printing spending will be predictable, and you'll save up to 30 percent of your printing costs annually by having your waste minimized.

Lower Rent

How big is your printing supply storage space? The national average cost of office space is $23.23 per square foot, so even if  you've only devoted a small 6 feet by 6 feet area of your establishment to storing used printers in case of equipment breakdowns and stacks of paper and ink cartridges, you're spending roughly $836 a month on that space. This equates to over $10,000 per year. Why not nix the storage space in favor of a printing service that will store your supplies for you and take charge of your office printing so you never have to worry about running out of paper or repairing a broken printer again?

It's comforting to have a supply room bulging with extra printing supplies, but can also be very costly. Keep the comfort and lower your costs by contacting a managed printing service in your area, such as Des Plaines Office Equipment Company, for a consultation today.


2 June 2016