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Keeping Your New EPDM Pond Liner Free Of Punctures

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If you are planning on digging in your property for the placement of a fairly large pond, then you will most likely need to secure a pond liner across the surface of the area. Otherwise, the pond would not be able to hold water and it would instead seep down into the water table. There are a wide variety of different liners that can be purchased and secured. If you want a liner that is flexible and able to reduce punctures, then opt for an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) liner. These liners will not only resist punctures, but they will also stay strong against the sun's UV rays. However, this does not mean that the liner is impervious to breaks and rips. You do need to prevent future damage issues by doing the right things during the installation process. Keep reading to learn about these things.

Secure A Liner Underlay

While it may be possible the secure a EPDM liner directly across bare dirt, this is not advisable. A great deal of the soil across the United States is actually made up of rock that has weathered and broken down. This rock mixes with organic compounds, silt, and minerals to create soil. The rock material that makes up the soil is called the parent rock, and this rock is typically granite. Granite creates a coarse texture that can place pressure and stress on the underside of the pond liner. This is likely to be even more true if the soil also contains pieces of shale. If the layer of bedrock across your property is relatively shallow, then pieces of this rocky structure may mix with the soil as well and damage the liner.

To help prevent rocks and coarse soil from puncturing or ripping the EPDM liner, you should place a cushion or barrier between the ground and the liner. This type of cushion is called an underlay. Underlays are non-woven geotextiles that look a lot like thick pieces of felt. The underlays are typically made from polypropylene, and small holes are worked into the material to allow for the drainage of water through the fabric. The underlay should be laid across the entirety of the pond liner, so make sure the underlay is slightly bigger than the liner so it can be secured in the pond opening first. 

Choose Smooth Gravel

If you want to place goldfish or coy within the pond after installation, then you may want to produce an environment that is as natural as possible for the fish. This means placing some rocks at the bottom of the pond. Rocks are beneficial to fish. They help to add essential minerals to the water and they provide an ideal surface for beneficial bacteria to thrive in the pond. However, sharp rocks can easily rip through a liner, especially if they are large and heavy. To reduce this concern, make sure to choose rocks with smooth edges. You can order a shipment of river rocks or river gravel from your local gravel supplier. Make sure to get natural river rocks that are sold for landscaping purposes. These rocks will be rounded and smooth on all sides. Manufactured river rocks will not. These varieties are artificially polished and flat on one side.

If possible, work with your gravel supplier to make sure the river rocks you buy are made out of slate, granite, lava rock, or quartz. These rock varieties are safe for pond fish. Limestone, dolomite, sandstone, marble, and alabaster are a few types of rocks that may be harmful to your fish. These rocks should be avoided.

If you want a pond with a liner, then you need to make sure the liner does not become ripped or punctured in any way. While an EPDM liner will resist punctures, you will still need to pick out a good underlay material and choose rocks for the pond that are smooth. For more information, contact a local pond liner manufacturer or supplier like Billboard Tarps


2 June 2016