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5 Tips For Using A Nail Gun If You Have Weak Wrists

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If you have weak wrists due to overuse, an injury or illness, or genetics, then you may wonder if you can still use a nail gun to complete DIY projects at home. In many ways, a nail gun can allow you to complete projects you would not be able to complete due to continued hammering motions that would otherwise be required. However, if you decide to use a nail gun when you have weak wrists, it is important that you take appropriate precautions. 

Be Realistic About Your Limitations

Nail guns are powerful tools. They can be heavy to lift and they can kick back slightly when a nail is inserted into your project. This can cause damage to wrists that are already weak. One expert recommends that you only handle a nail gun if you have the strength to lift a one-gallon milk container and pour a glass of milk from it with the hand that you will be using to hold the nail gun. If you cannot lift a full gallon of milk, you may want to rethink attempting DIY projects with a nail gun. 

Other limitations may include the amount of time that you can safely handle a nail gun. You may need to take breaks more often than other users to allow your wrists to rest, which can extend the length of time necessary to complete a project. 

Choose a Pneumatic Nail Gun as Opposed to Electric 

Pneumatic nail guns are connected to an air compressor whereas electric and gas powered nail guns have no cords or hoses connecting them to their power supply. One of the main differences between these types of nail guns is that a pneumatic nail gun will be significantly lighter than its counterparts, which can reduce stress on your wrists. With a long hose connecting your nail gun to your compressor, you will not have to worry about moving your compressor around once your start the project, so the hose and compressor should not cause any issues. 

Use the Least Amount of Pressure Necessary For Your Job 

Pneumatic nail guns work with a variety of air pressures. It is important to purchase or rent an air compressor that allows you to adjust the pressure that you use for your nail gun. For example, you do not want an air compressor that produces too much pressure and does not have a regulator to adjust the settings. Many nail guns work well when the pressure is set around 90 psi. However, you may want to try a lower setting such as 80 or even 70 psi. If the nails are driving in flush, then this lower pressure is fine for your project and healthy for your wrists.  

Wear a Wrist Brace If Necessary 

If you have a wrist brace that you wear when you complete repetitive tasks, type, or lift heavy items, you should consider wearing the brace when you use your pneumatic nail gun. If you do not have a wrist brace, you may want to consult with your doctor to see if one would allow you to complete DIY tasks more safely and wear the brace as recommended. 

Try a Rental Before Buying 

Before purchasing a pneumatic nail gun and an air compressor, you may want to try renting one from a company like Summit Tool Rentals Division Of Wirtz Rentals. This will allow you to see if you can handle the force and weight of the gun without too much of an investment. You will also be able to see if you need a compressor with more or less compression power and a nail gun with bigger or smaller gauges. 

Weak wrists may change the way you approach pneumatic tools, but they do not necessarily mean that you cannot use a pneumatic nail gun. Following these tips should help you keep your wrists safe while working with an air gun and compressor. 


9 June 2016