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5 Tips On How To Help Your Business Thrive When There's Road Construction In Front Of Your Store

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As a business owner with a store located on a busy road, you know how much the road can affect your business. Whenever there is the slightest problem on the street, your business suffers. This is why a road construction project can be devastating to a store owner. Not only does it make it difficult for shoppers to get to your store because of road work obstacles, but any potential customers won't want to go through the hassle of road construction delays in order to get to your store. But, road construction projects don't have to greatly impede on your business. Instead, follow these 5 tips on how to help your business thrive during this difficult time:

1. Build A Cash Reserve

No matter how much effort you put in to retain your existing customers and draw in new ones during road construction, there is a good chance that your walk-in sales will be drastically reduced. This will put a strain on your budget as you spend more than usual on advertising and promotions. You also want to make sure have enough money to pay your bills. All of these can be done if you have a cash reserve built up for situations just like this. If you know of an impending road construction project well in advance, you can utilize your busiest seasons to save as much money as possible.

2. Learn About Construction Mitigation Programs

Many business owners have no idea that there are several forms of assistance available to business owners in or near road construction zones. The most obvious form of assistance is financial assistance, typically in the form of loans or direct cash. But some areas of the country will relax zoning laws to allow companies in construction zones to place signs in areas that are normally off-limits.

3. Start Using GP SAAS

GP SAAS, which stands for Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Great Plains) software as a service, is an accounting, inventory/distribution, business intelligence and financial web-based online accounting software that you can access wherever you are instantly because it's located in a cloud. This makes it very easy to keep control of your business when you are not in your store because there is construction being done out front.

4. Form Alliances With Other Merchants And Pool Your Resources

When you and your surrounding business owners unify your voices, you can make a huge impact. Forming an alliance and pooling your resources with others will command more attention from the local authorities to help ensure the road work is as inconspicuous to your customers as possible. You can also brainstorm with each other and come up with new ideas to handle the road work situation, instead of just complaining to everyone you see.

5. Perform Daily Research To Be On The Lookout For Upcoming Road Construction Projects

Keep your ears to the ground to learn about upcoming road construction projects as early as possible. This will give you time to prepare for the situation by forming a plan on how you will handle the situation. The more advance notice you have, the more time you'll have to prepare, save money, and get into contact with your fellow area business owners. One good resource for this is your local Chamber of Commerce. You can not only learn about future road projects, but you can also meet other business owners in your area through this group.

As you can see, there are a few things you can do to help your business thrive when there is road work being done outside your shop. This should spark your creativity to come up with a few more great ideas. Remember that you don't have to go through this alone. Take the time to talk with the other merchants in the area. Then form an alliance so you can work together to get through this unfortunate situation. 


15 July 2016