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How To Properly Pack Your Home Office Into A Moving Truck Rental

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Are you moving your office from the home and into a dedicated space? Maybe you're just moving altogether and need to make sure your home office arrives at your new location intact. Here's how you should pack your home office supplies and equipment into your moving truck rental.

Take Inventory and Plan Ahead

Before you start carrying things out to the truck haphazardly, make sure you know exactly what you're going to take with you. Not only will this help make sure you leave nothing behind, it can also help you decide what size truck to rent.

Knowing exactly what you're placing on the truck will also help you to visualize how you will place each of your home office items. You can also pick up the correct boxes and other supplies you will need to pack your items.

Take Care Packing Your Office Equipment

What items does your home office consist of? These represent business assets, and you want to take extra care with them. Some require a little more preparation for moving than others do.

Your computer and other electronics – If you have a full-sized PC, it's best to pack it in its original packaging if you still have it. If not, make sure all components inside the computer tower are secure, then pack the entire thing in a box that fits it.

Make sure to fill any empty space with material to absorb shock and keep the tower from moving around while in the box. Bubble wrap can work well for this purpose. You may want to make backups of your hard drive or other important information on your computer before packing it.

If you have a laptop or other computing device, the same rules apply. The original packaging helps, otherwise just make sure you pack your computing devices in as secure a manner as you can.

Find a box that fits your computer monitor and cover the screen with a piece of cardboard. Wrap the whole monitor in bubble wrap, and add some cushioning material to fill the space around the monitor after you place it in the box.

The rules for your PC also go for any other electronic devices you have, such as your printer, fax machine, and any other things you use for your home office.

Your files – A dedicated file box is all you really need for your paper files. Make sure you label everything so you don't mix up your files at the new location. If you have a full filing cabinet, then you can usually leave it intact as long as the drawers can lock.

If you have large items that come apart, then disassemble them. Pack your books and office supplies into boxes as well. In all cases, try to stuff any empty space with material to keep things from bumping into or damaging each other.

Packing the Moving Truck Rental

Put your heaviest items the furthest back on the truck. You will load these things first. Your office desk and your filing cabinet should go in first. Once you have the heaviest items in, you can start to stack your boxes.

Heavier, larger boxes go on the bottom. Lighter, smaller boxes go on the top. You want to go left to right, and floor to ceiling. Once everything is in there, make use of the packing straps and any other items you have to keep everything secure during the drive. For more information about moving truck rentals try this web-site.


16 May 2017