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Accounting For Every Sheet Of Paper And Every Ink Cartridge: When Your Printing Expenses Must Count

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The smaller the business, the greater the need to keep a tight control on office supplies. You absolutely have to know where every sheet of copier paper and every cartridge went. For most business owners, the purpose of said activity is to keep an accurate tally for tax season. Office supply expenses are a write-off, but only if you can submit proof of exact amounts (rounded to the nearest dollar, of course). If you struggle with keeping track or suspect that your supplies are running off with an employee, managed print services can help. Here is how.

Inventory Sign Out

​When every sheet counts and every ream of paper is like a gold brick, you need an inventory sign out. One person in every department or on every floor has the inventory closet keys. He/she is responsible for making sure only the needed amount of supplies are taken and used. Others make a request for the supplies, the inventory employee fetches said supplies from the locked closet, makes notation of the supplies taken, on what date, and how much (e.g., twenty sheets of paper, one black ink cartridge, etc.). In this way, the whole company can also keep track of what needs to be ordered every week, every two weeks, or every month, according to your company's purchasing habits and needs.

​Management of Use vs. Waste

​Everyone has that person in the office that prints a few copies the wrong direction and then has to throw those copies out and make new copies in the right direction. That is waste. Managed print services keep track of waste versus use, with use being full use of every printed page printed and used for a purpose in the office. Employees are required to keep track of any pieces of paper that were wasted, and any pieces of paper that became lodged inside the copiers and printers and thus, had to be thrown out/recycled. In this way, you can find ways to minimize the waste, thereby minimizing costs for supplies. 

Minimizing Repair Costs

​Another managed print service is maintenance of your printing machines. Maintenance, when done correctly and at the right times, helps you avoid large repair bills and lags in daily operations. If you can minimize repair costs with effective maintenance, you would do it, right? You absolutely would, and it helps to know what the efficacy of this service does in terms of dollars. A managed print service consultant can show you those numbers.

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7 December 2018