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How A Bottle Labeling Machine Can Help Your Business

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Do you sell one or more products in glass or plastic bottles? If so, you are likely labeling these bottles with your company name, logo and the name of the product. But if you are still labeling your products by hand, you are not working as fast as you could be. Here's how a bottle labeling machine could help your business.

Work with Greater Efficiency

How much time do your employees spend every day attaching labels by hand? With a bottle labeling machine, your entire operation will become much more efficient. A labeling machine can be set up to automatically receive bottles incoming from your production line. Within a matter of seconds, a label will be securely attached and the bottle will be ready for sale or shipment.

A Uniform and Professional Look

One of the disadvantages of labeling bottles by hand is that it introduces human error into the equation. Even an experienced human labeler might sometimes put a label on in way that is slightly off-center or askew. When you go with a machine labeler instead, you can be guaranteed that each and every bottle will come out looking exactly the same. Each label will be positioned in the same exact spot across each bottle, providing a professional and uniform look to your product line.

Redirect Employees to Other Tasks

Once you have a machine doing all of your labeling for you, you can redirect the employees you previously used for this task towards another direction. You can put more employees on the bottling line, creating more bottles that are ready to be labeled. You could also redirect more employees to quality assurance, helping to ensure that each product that comes out of the production line is of top quality.

Diversify Your Bottle Shape

If in the past you kept your products inside one uniformly shaped bottle because you wanted the labeling experience to be as easy and efficient as possible, a bottle labeling machine may provide an opportunity to branch out. You could try designing a more exotic looking bottle that stands out from the competition and not worry about your human labelers having difficulty getting the label on perfectly. 

If you are still labeling your bottled products by hand, it's time to reach out to a supplier of bottle labeling machines. A bottle labeling machine will increase production and efficiency in your workplace and allow you to redirect your labeling staff towards other tasks.


25 March 2019