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Tips For Reducing Dental Implant Rejection Risks

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If you have a missing tooth that you want to be replaced with a dental implant, then you should know that there is a risk that the implant device will be rejected. Fortunately, this risk can be minimized, and there are a few tips that can help you to make sure that you keep your implant device long-term.

Clean Around The Implant Well

One of the most important things you can do for your dental implants is to keep them as clean as possible. Cleanliness will help to prevent a few issues that can lead to rejection. It can help you retain the integrity of your gum tissues, and this will keep bacteria from degrading the bone material that sits around your implant root. Also, a clean device will keep bacteria from slipping down and around your implant where it can cause an infection, which can lead to a periimplantitis condition. 

So, you will need some specific tools to clean around your implant. If you are still healing from your initial surgery, then you should be cleaning gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Use your chlorhexidine rinse and switch to an alcohol-free variety once the prescribed fluid is used up. 

Once healing progresses, you want to purchase a water flosser to gently remove bacteria and plaque from the abutment, crown, and any gum pockets that form around the implant. An electric toothbrush is also wise to clear away tartar and other debris from the tooth.

Stop Bad Habits

There are a number of bad habits that can place your implant at risk of rejection. The two most significant ones involve placing extensive pressure on the implant and smoking cigarettes. So, make sure to stop smoking, or your implant device will not be able to thrive within your jaw due to the reduction in blood flow and blood vessel retention in the bone. 

When it comes to placing pressure on the implant, do not chew on nonfood items like ice or pen caps. You also want to stop grinding your teeth. If you think that you grind in the evening like if you have a sore jaw in the morning upon waking, then speak with your dental professional about the creation and use of a mouth or occlusal guard. 

Also, if grinding and jaw clenching is an issue, you may want to speak to a medical professional about anxiety and how to relieve it either naturally or with the assistance of pharmaceuticals.


25 March 2019