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Tips For Opening And Operating A Laundromat

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Opening a laundromat can prove to be an attractive option for those that are wanting to start a business. While commercial laundromats will be relatively low-cost businesses to operate, there will still be sizable equipment costs that will be needed to start this business. For those that have no experience buying OPL commercial washing machines, it can be easy to make serious mistakes during this buying process.

Balance The Water Needs Of The Washing Machines

It is likely that water will be one of the largest expenses that you must pay after your laundromat has opened. Unfortunately, those that are new to owning and operating a laundromat may not consider this, which can lead to them buying extremely inefficient washing machines. By choosing washing machines that are efficient with their use of water, you can help to reduce the operating expenses for your laundromat without impacting the experience that your customers have using your facilities.

Keep The Washing Machines Maintained

Improper maintenance is another common mistake new laundromat owners often make. A busy laundromat will see its washing machines and dryers being used almost constantly throughout the day. This constant use can lead to them experiencing significant wear and tear. Having an effective and comprehensive maintenance plan for your washing machines will help to prevent routine wear from causing them to malfunction or needing them to be replaced prematurely. Luckily, maintaining these units is relatively simple as you will mostly need to check for rust, leaks, or obvious mechanical issues. These units will also need to be professionally serviced periodically, but this should only be about once a year for most laundromats with commercial quality washers. However, facilities that have low-quality water may need this work done more frequently due to mineral and sediment accumulations.  

Have An Easy Way For Customers To Report Malfunctioning Machines

One of the more attractive reasons for opening a laundromat will be the limited need for workers. In fact, it is common for laundromats to have no staff members present for much of the day. As a result, it is important to ensure that your customers can report problems with these machines as easily as possible. Unfortunately, your customers are unlikely to go to much trouble to report problems, which can lead to laundromats being unaware of these issues—especially if there is not an easy and simple reporting system available. At a minimum, you should have a phone available that connects directly to a representative for your laundromat. This will make it easy for customers to quickly report problems. Additionally, you should have all of the machines clearly numbered so that it will be easy for individuals to communicate which machines are malfunctioning.


5 August 2019