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Tips For Getting A Commercial Generator Installation

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More than 60% of the electrical infrastructure consists of commercial accounts. Businesses in all different sectors need to remain diligent about how they use their electricity. Getting a commercial generator installation will help you keep your electricity online even if  your business experiences an outage. Here's what you need to know about commercial generators. 

Consider the usefulness of a commercial standby generator

There are several reasons that you may want to invest in a commercial standby generator for your company. For one, it eliminates downtime that can otherwise lose business and confuse your customers. Depending on what kind of commercial business you run, downtime can lose you upward of $6,000 each minute. What's more, most businesses today have servers that have to run around the clock. Power outages can compromise your data and hinder the way you facilitate information. 

You also need to keep electricity up and running for your security system to be operable. About 60 percent of break-ins and burglaries for businesses happen after hours. When your electricity is down and your security system is down, you're susceptible to damage, vandalism, and theft. 

Shop the market for the different kinds of commercial generators

When you need a commercial generator installation, start by understanding the fuel source options. These generators are usually fueled by diesel, petroleum, or natural gas. The demand for natural gas in the United States grew by 10 percent in recent years, due in large part to the need to power these generators. 

Many people also buy portable generators that they can take onto different worksites. This comes in handy in the construction industry, oil rigs, and on all sorts of industrial projects. 

Contract with a technician that will handle your commercial generator installation and any ongoing work 

Learn about which contractors you want to have address your installation. A commercial generator will cost $6,000 and up in most situations. You'll need to create enough space for the generator to be installed without any sort of flammability risks. 

If you'd rather rent and not own your generator, you can still get it installed based on an agreement that works for you and your company. Renting a commercial generator can cost you between approximately $60 and $200, and upward of $500 and $1,000 per week. Whichever you choose, be sure that your commercial generator company also provides maintenance and inspections when you need them. 

Use these tips to get the best commercial generator installation.  


6 July 2020