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Use Packaging Optimization Strategies Within Your Shipping Department

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Bulky cardboard or plastic packaging, detailed descriptions that are difficult to follow, and excessive use of tape or plastic ties could contribute to overspending on shipping costs and giving a bad impression of the goods that you are selling. Offering a high-tech gadget or an innovative product that will make a consumer's life easier is just half of the battle. If you have recently released a new line of mobile devices, consider packaging optimization to aid in reducing overhead costs and providing your audience with a positive unboxing experience.

Wasteful Use Of Materials Is Damaging

The overuse of shipping materials has been an issue that many manufacturers and end users have been exposed to for decades. As a consumer yourself, you have probably encountered numerous scenarios in which you wanted to quickly open a purchase but were presented with the challenge of tearing away layer after layer of cardboard or the daunting task of untwisting wires that were strapped to your purchase.

Today's average consumer is busy and conscious about their spending. If people are anxious to use something that has the power to better their personal situation, they likely won't be too happy about incurring excessive shipping costs or being required to take great care in opening a package, just to discover that they are left with a series of plastic or cardboard components that they will be responsible for discarding. 

Packaging Optimization Puts A New Spin On Your Product Line

The trick to effective marketing is to test out different packaging materials and advertising strategies and to put yourself in the mindset of a member of your target audience. Optimization efforts may require a few trial runs until you are able to come up with a package design that is durable, efficient, cost-effective, and informative. Instead of using standard-sized boxes for all of your shipping needs, implement several box types that contain corrugated qualities.

Corrugated cardboard is sturdy and contains an air-filled chamber, which will not weigh down packages. Instead of using thick strapping tape, switch to adhesive strips. Bubble mailers and cardboard products that can easily be assembled can have strips built into their design, which will reduce the waste of tape and will make it easier for your packing team to fill and seal packaging. Use color photography and short and descriptive wording to adorn each package that a product will be placed in.

Consider smaller paperboard sleeves and boxes for each of the items and make sure that each optimization strategy that you use will be beneficial both in the warehouse and on the receiving in. Smaller packaging will make it possible for you to neatly stack overstock on shelving and the streamlined design will result in less shipping costs and more products being able to fit into each shipping carton.


28 July 2020