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Expecting What Lies Ahead During Professional Varicose Vein Treatment

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Spider and varicose veins can be both painful and embarrassing. They mar the appearance of your legs and make you uncertain about wearing skirts and shorts. They also can cause minor to moderate symptoms like aching and throbbing.

Rather than live with them, you can undergo a professional varicose vein procedure to get rid of them. You can prepare for your varicose vein treatment by learning what it involves.

Minimally Invasive Nature

The varicose vein procedure that most patients undergo is typically minimally invasive. Your surgeon may not make large and deep incisions in your legs. Instead, he or she will use injections of saline solution to make the varicose veins disappear.

You will remain standing during the entire treatment. The procedure starts with your surgeon administering a topical analgesic to numb your legs. Once your legs are numb, the surgeon will then inject saline solution into each varicose vein. Because of the topical analgesic medication, you will not feel the injections being made in your legs.

The saline solution will cause an irritation in the lining of the varicose veins, which in turn will cause the veins to collapse upon themselves. It can take several days or weeks for the veins to collapse entirely. However, once they collapse, they will no longer be visible from the outside of your skin or cause symptoms like aching.


The recovery period for varicose vein treatment lasts around 10 days. During the first few days at home, you must wear surgical stockings. These stockings will prevent the formation of blood clots in your legs.

Your surgeon will also encourage you to get up and walk around regularly. Walking around will encourage blood flow throughout your legs and facilitate faster healing. It also will help the veins collapse sooner.

You will be sent home to recover within a few hours after your treatment ends. You can typically go back to work within a week after you undergo the varicose vein procedure.

Professional varicose vein treatment is effective in treating both spider and varicose veins. It requires you to remain standing for the duration of the procedure. It begins with the surgeon numbing your legs so you do not feel the injections that must be made. The injections contain saline solution that causes the veins to collapse. The result of the varicose vein procedure is the elimination of the varicose veins in your legs.


19 August 2020