Teaching Your Kids About The Business World

Hello, I am Jheri Kimm. I am excited to help you learn how to introduce your child to the business world. Kids are natural entrepreneurs who quickly learn how to operate their own business. You must teach kids about the basics, such as inventory management, budgeting and marketing, to help them achieve success in this realm. Once kids understand the basics, there is no stopping them from running a multitude of business operations in their neighborhood. Kids can sell lemonade, bracelets, pottery and many other handmade products. Please come back often to discover the best way to assist your child with their business endeavors. Thank you.

Two Reasons Why Construction Is the Perfect Job for You

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The job hunt is definitely not for the faint of heart. Going through the motions of putting in applications and waiting on pins and needles for a callback can add more stress to your life than you may be able to handle. Bills are piling up and you need to bring in money fast. You've always been great with your hands but just aren't too sure how to make the dexterity work for your good. Find out how you can benefit in so many ways by getting a construction job. 

1. Exploring the Great Outdoors

Staring at a computer screen all day while you sit at a desk may not be your cup of tea. Everyone isn't necessarily cut out for office work and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You want to be employed in a field that allows you to do something you enjoy so you won't feel anxiety each time you have to show up and begin. Working a construction job could offer you the freedom you need to love what you do all year long.

Picture yourself working in a cozy subdivision as you erect houses for neighboring citizens to live in. Next, you move over to a commercial environment as you build looming facilities for businesses to lease out. You never know where your construction job could take you because the possibilities are nearly endless. Not to mention the fact that you are sure to get lots of sunshine and cool breezes since you'll be outside the majority of the time!

2. Creating a Start-Up Could Be Easy

Some jobs require you to have degrees, certifications, and lots of experience to even qualify for an interview. Construction is largely different simply because of the nature of the work. As long as you have the tools, the know-how, and the ability, you could find that you are snatched out of the job market very quickly. All it takes is your willingness to put forth the effort necessary to place yourself on the scene so that the hiring managers and general contractors will know that you are available and ready to work.

Your new career in construction awaits and could be closer than you think. Get started by reaching out to a local construction staffing agency or another firm advertising these kinds of jobs and hopefully you're able to find work in no time at all.


18 February 2021