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The Outstanding Benefits Of Installing Heated Step Treads

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Colder seasons like winter are often beautiful and enchanting for those willful enough to brave the cold. During these seasons, snow falls on houses and trees, creating a serene and pristine ambiance. Such a sight is always tempting to those that love the magic of the outdoors. If you are one of them, once the snow has fallen, you feel the need to grab some warm clothes, rush out, and revel in the view. But as soon as you open the door and see treacherous steps with piles of ice and snow, the magic is lost. Fortunately, today, you can avoid the risks of falling and injury associated with snow and ice buildups on stairs by using heated step treads.

What are Heated Step Treads?

Heated step treads are fundamentally outdoor stairs or steps with a snow melting system. Typically, professionals install heating cables beneath the surface padding. These cables heat the surface of the steps quickly and melt off snow and ice. Heated stair treads also have a unique design to drain ice and snowmelt off the stairs efficiently.

Benefits of Heated Steps

Heated steps or outdoor stairs offer you many benefits, including:

1. Optimized safety

Experts recommend keeping all outdoor walking surfaces, steps included, free of snow and ice, and for a good reason. Steps laden with ice and snow are hazardous since they increase your chances of slipping and falling. That, in turn, can lead to severe injuries and, in extreme cases, death. And the situation becomes direr where young children and older adults are involved. But with heated steps, snow and ice buildups are non-existent, and the chances of slip and fall accidents lowered.

2. Eco-friendliness

In the past, property owners used products containing chemicals such as calcium chloride, rock salt, potassium chloride, and carbonyl diamide (urea) to melt ice. However, many of these hurt the environment. For instance, when vegetation comes into contact with calcium chloride products, defoliation occurs. Sometimes kids ingest snow containing these chemicals and end up with severe health issues. Heated steps, on the other hand, don't require the use of chemical solutions. They are therefore safer for humans and the environment at large.

3. Increased property value

If you consider putting your home on the market, installing a snow-melting system like heated step treads can increase its value significantly. And, even if you don't plan to sell soon, they can act like a long-term investment likely to pay off handsomely in the future. Besides, snow melting systems help you protect your steps from ice damage that leads to holes and material separation. By doing that, you maintain your property's appeal and subsequently improve the chances of selling if need be. 


27 October 2021