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Look For These Features When You Rent A Log Splitter

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If you need to cut down a few trees on your property and you wish to use the wood in your fireplace, you'll want to visit a garden equipment rental company. There are all sorts of pieces of equipment that you can use during this project, including chainsaws. It's also a good idea to rent a log splitter, which you can use to turn thick logs into firewood that you can stack, allow to dry, and eventually burn to warm your house. Garden equipment rental companies often have a few different log splitters available, so you'll want to find one that has these specific features. 

Two-Way Splitting

You'll see some log splitters that have one-way splitting and others that have two-way splitting. This term describes how many splitting blades this piece of equipment has. A model that has two-way splitting is a better choice because it will slice through each log faster and easier because blades are pushing into the log from each end. This will allow you to complete the work in a timelier manner. A one-blade machine will still do the work, but it will take longer.

Log Lifter

Some log splitters are equipped with a log lifter, which is a device that allows you to raise a log from the ground onto the machine with ease. When you encounter large logs that are too heavy to lift yourself, you'll appreciate having a log lifter on your machine. Log lifters are available in several different styles, but having this feature will make the work physically easier and put you at considerably less risk of straining a muscle in your back. Have a rental agent point out some machines that feature log lifters and recommend the one that is most user-friendly.

Compact Length

When you look at different log splitters that are available for rent, you'll see machines in several different lengths. It's generally a good idea to choose one that is as compact as possible. A compact length will make it easier to fit the log splitter into tight areas in your yard. It's handy to be able to position the machine where you need it so that you aren't carrying heavy logs a considerable distance to it. The more compact the machine, the easier it will be for you to tow it behind your vehicle too. Learn more about log splitters by visiting a garden equipment rental service in your area.


1 November 2022