Skipping Bail - When The Defendant Becomes The Hunted

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When a person on TV or in the movies gets arrested they typically sit in jail for a few hours and then someone comes  and pays a few hundred dollars to bail them out. In reality, bail, which is basically a deposit that is placed with the court guaranteeing the defendant will not run from justice, is much higher. Bail is determined based on both the severity of the crime and the risk that the defendant may flee.

4 September 2018

Tee Time Is Over: How To Prepare Your Golf Course Irrigation System For Winter

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When you're the grounds keeper for a golf course, you know how important it is to keep things green during the active season. That means you need to keep the irrigation system up and running. After all, a broken irrigation system can spell disaster for your greens. However, once winter arrives, your golf course sprinkler system will need to be shut down properly. This is particularly important if your golf course is located in a region that experiences freezing temperatures.

1 March 2018

How To Properly Pack Your Home Office Into A Moving Truck Rental

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Are you moving your office from the home and into a dedicated space? Maybe you're just moving altogether and need to make sure your home office arrives at your new location intact. Here's how you should pack your home office supplies and equipment into your moving truck rental. Take Inventory and Plan Ahead Before you start carrying things out to the truck haphazardly, make sure you know exactly what you're going to take with you.

16 May 2017

3 Reasons To Use A Labor-For-Hire Agency For Construction Work

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When you have a construction project underway, you are going to need workers, especially skilled workers who can provide the labor you need quickly and efficiently. Finding these skilled workers is challenging. Here are three reasons you should use a labor-for-hire agency to do your searching: Get Connected Immediately:  Skilled construction workers that go through a labor-for-hire agency are usually ready for work. When you go to a labor-for-hire agency, you are connected immediately with these skilled workers looking for work.

28 March 2017

Buying Concession Trailer Equipment: Keep These Considerations In Mind

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Running a concession trailer can be a smart way to take your restaurant on the road. However, it can be difficult to adjust to the small size of the trailer, especially when you're thinking about the equipment you'll need. Consider the following as you think about concession trailer equipment so you can get what you need to be successful. Know What You Can Pre-Cook Because you don't have much space inside the concession trailer, it is vital that you are smart about what equipment you can do without.

19 August 2016

Is Your Business Affected By The New Overtime Regulations? How Can You Cut Costs?

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If your small business is set to give out some raises (or cut hours) after the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)'s overtime rule changes take effect in December 2016, you may be investigating other ways you can cut costs and remain competitive without having to eat into profits or downsize valuable employees. In many cases, the majority of your cost-cutting measures may involve employee benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement contributions.

19 July 2016

5 Tips On How To Help Your Business Thrive When There's Road Construction In Front Of Your Store

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As a business owner with a store located on a busy road, you know how much the road can affect your business. Whenever there is the slightest problem on the street, your business suffers. This is why a road construction project can be devastating to a store owner. Not only does it make it difficult for shoppers to get to your store because of road work obstacles, but any potential customers won't want to go through the hassle of road construction delays in order to get to your store.

15 July 2016

Learn What Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gun Safe

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Gun safes are a great way to keep your guns safe and organized when you are not using them. Choosing the right gun safe to fit your needs can be a bit difficult if you have never purchased a gun safe before. Use the guide below to learn what factors to look for when choosing a gun safe to use in your house. Consider the Amount of Guns You Plan to Store

4 July 2016

3 Benefits Of Corrugated Boxes That The New Business Owner Should Be Aware Of

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When you are choosing an appropriate packing unit for your new business, it is important to be aware of the array of benefits that corrugated boxes can provide. For instance, while it is easy to see that corrugated boxes provide a closer fit for transporting valuable items, you may not notice how well those same items can be protected against various forms of damage. In addition, it is helpful to remember that cardboard is environmentally friendly and will biodegrade in about two months.

23 June 2016

How To Avoid A Bee Sting Lawsuit At Your Clothing Store

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As a clothing shop owner, you have a duty to protect your customers while they're on your premises. With 1-2 people per every thousand being allergic or hypersensitive to bee or wasp stings, part of this protection includes doing your best to make sure none of your customers get stung while browsing your goods. Below you'll find 4 ways you can prevent facing a bee sting liability suit by limiting the chances of bees taking up shelter around your store.

16 June 2016