Accounting For Every Sheet Of Paper And Every Ink Cartridge: When Your Printing Expenses Must Count

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The smaller the business, the greater the need to keep a tight control on office supplies. You absolutely have to know where every sheet of copier paper and every cartridge went. For most business owners, the purpose of said activity is to keep an accurate tally for tax season. Office supply expenses are a write-off, but only if you can submit proof of exact amounts (rounded to the nearest dollar, of course).

7 December 2018

Skipping Bail - When The Defendant Becomes The Hunted

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When a person on TV or in the movies gets arrested they typically sit in jail for a few hours and then someone comes  and pays a few hundred dollars to bail them out. In reality, bail, which is basically a deposit that is placed with the court guaranteeing the defendant will not run from justice, is much higher. Bail is determined based on both the severity of the crime and the risk that the defendant may flee.

4 September 2018

Tee Time Is Over: How To Prepare Your Golf Course Irrigation System For Winter

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When you're the grounds keeper for a golf course, you know how important it is to keep things green during the active season. That means you need to keep the irrigation system up and running. After all, a broken irrigation system can spell disaster for your greens. However, once winter arrives, your golf course sprinkler system will need to be shut down properly. This is particularly important if your golf course is located in a region that experiences freezing temperatures.

1 March 2018